iiiiiiiiiiit’s baaaaaaaack

This is my forecast for this weekend. Do you see that? Do you SEE that we are expecting to get up to 8 inches of SNOW?!?!?!?!?!?!? On top of the massive glazing of ice we still have. This is the channel that’s lowballing it. The other two are up to 10″. REALLY????

Oh yeah. And the heat in my house is still GONE. (more later)

Even Malibu is getting snow.

People, this sucks. Remember all those summers that we’ve had and the elders get around the checker table or say, the bar and mumble, “it so hot that means we’re going to have a HORRIBLE winter.” Then winter would come and the same group of elders would forecast,”we haven’t had so much as a few hard freezes, no snow, nothing to kill the bugs. Allergies and garden are going to be HORRIBLE this spring. Spring is going to be just disastrous.” So spring meanders in and we get nary a thunderstorm, nor hail, not an inkling of a tornado. But we do get bugs. Roly Polys and crickets and all kinds of nature that want to eat my garden. Then another year rolls around and summer is hot. Damn hot. And the elders would again foretell “this means we’re really in for a baaaaad winter.”

Well those fools have sat around drinking and playing checkers for just enough years that they’ve conjured up a HORRIBLE winter for my state.


So. Like all good people who are looking at another weekend housebound, I’ve made the grocery list. I’m making a liquor store list (we can’t buy liquor or wine in the Kroger here. Hell, we don’t even have a Kroger here) because I’m NOT going without my provisions.

If it’s really just snow, and that’s it, we’ll be able to get around in that. A little traction….Good to go. If I got nothing else out of my Michigan stint, other than the best friends a girl could have, it was learing about living and dealing with weather.

At least the heat in my house will be fixed. $300.00 later. WHAAAT you say? But you rent? Why doesn’t your landlord fix this?

Because I have contraband kitties. And Phil is determined to do it this way. And I’ve said all the obvious arguments, “move the cats for a few days. Lie and say we’re catsitting. bla bla bla” Done it. Whatever. I don’t care at this point. What I do care about is that it won’t be 50 degrees in my house again until August, when I’m doing it on purpose! To bed I wore wool socks, flannel pants, a long sleeved tee shirt, a sweatshirt over that and my winter had. Four blankets and three kitties. Phil brought home some dinky ass space heater that he SWORE was a “good one”. Right. These things burn up more homes every winter than anything else. I plugged it in for a bit to warm the bedroom, three coils don’t work and the plug itself was warm when I unplugged it.

I’ll show him a good one.

Do I seem cranky to you?

I tell ya people, if I had to be Pioneer Woman, and settle this land…We’d all be SCREWED. Royally screwed. And speaking with a British dialect.

SO, I think I need a list of movies to attempt to rent. I don’t netflix, so it’s either EOD, or Blockbuster. And any other ideas besides cooking, eating, and drinking to spend the time this weekend!

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  1. Kizz says:

    Go to BlockB and rent a whole series of something. Everwood is good (I’m obsessing on Bright Abbott right now), Carnivale is weird but also good. The Shield, Oz, Rescue Me, I hear Dexter is good but I haven’t seen it yet and I don’t know if it’s out on DVD. Weeds, have you seen that? AWESOME! Don’t miss it. Queer as Folk is kinda sexy.

    I do not understand how the pioneers got enough babies to farm all the land because you wouldn’t be getting me out of my 8 layers of warm woolies ALL winter, wouldn’t even be letting you open a hole, don’t want any drafts!

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