Hot Child in the City

Good GAWD we have heat. finally. I came home from working out and did the Happy Dance for the heat! We’re all singing praises to the heater and to the vents. The cats have found warmth on top of the microwave (yeah. i’m going to have totally retarded kitties) and Stormy decided to lay his fatass out on top of the computer, just as I was finishing up an email to DD. Silly boy.

Tomorrow I have appointments!!! And I have evening plans!!! Movie club with MLynn and Nan. Very excited. It’s looking like Dreamgirls for us. Huzzahh.

Happy happy end of week, from this very warm and cosey house.

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One Response to Hot Child in the City

  1. Gertrude Kennedy says:

    Dreamgirls… well let me know how you like it.
    It looked like it had all the potential in the world…
    Jamie, very sexy.
    Eddie, I know you Eddie…
    and for me it was a big fat flop.

    Too long, too much angst.

    Glad your cookin’ again.
    Totally hot like Oliva Newton John.

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