IceIceCranky. too cold.

It’s 56 degrees in my house. I am wearing wool socks that I think I stole from Kizz when we lived in Michigan. shoes. flannel pants. sweatshirt. fuzzy hat. pashmina scarf. I’m wearing this all RIGHT NOW. it’s 8:29 in the freakin a.m. and I’m dressed for a trek to the tundra.

Obviously, my heater is broken. Brokeback heater. Screaching, and thumping, and scratching and screaming like the lost souls of the damned are trapped inside. Well. I want them to STAY!

Call the landlord you say? Duh. One would think that would be the perfect solution! That’s what They are for, yes?

But I have a housefull of contraband kitties.
and the landlord gives me the willies.

Good news! Just talked to my heat-repairing friend. He’s sending someone. Hopefully this a.m. I have rescheduled my one appointment for an hour later…hope against hope that this will be fixed. and soon.


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One Response to IceIceCranky. too cold.

  1. Kizz says:

    So THAT’s where those socks are!

    Kidding. Didn’t even notice.

    Those guys in Brokeback were very quiet gentle lovers. I don’t think it’s a Brokeback heater at all. Maybe more of a Rocky Horror sort of a thing.

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