The Iceman Cometh

So, we’re in the middle of a major temp drop. 71 degrees out yesterday into last night, and this morning, we’re sittin at 32. GOOD GAWD! The freezing rain/ice is on it’s way as well. People, including myself, have gone to the grocery, stocked up on batteries and candles in case the power goes. I got the last two half gallons of milk. THE LAST TWO. now, if said power goes, I’ll just haul all my stuff outside to save but if it doesn’t, I will be nice and tucked in with fresh food and books and movies. Seriously, it’s going to be pretty bad. Who knows. We’re expecting, now thru Sunday, about an inch or more of ice. That’s a power line breaking factor, my friend. ugh. UGH I say. We’ll see! If things go bad, I’ll be gone for awhile. If not, I’ll definitely keep you posted.

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