Pretty. Furry.

The ICE is here. Got to work this morning and holy monkey hell it fell to pieces. The phones rang off the wall, cancel cancel cancel and reschedule like a fool. Fine. Tomorrow, too. I did do one men’s cut at noon today. There’s always that one person…”It’s not so bad. I’ve driven in worse” whatever dude. I was just happy to make 23 bucks. Well, half that. So on my way to the car, I was walking in our little strip mall area and the florist says to me “want any roses to take home? They won’t make it thru the weekend” HECK YEAH. So, for coming in to work today, and taking care of my one client, this is what I got to bring home. Not to shabby for a stylist who only made $11.50 today.

Anyways, got home around 12:30 and have done laundry (my loveseat is about to buckle from the weight of clean clothes that I abhor folding and putting away) made a pot of chicken chili, and napped with my cats. I got up and was wondering around looking for fatass Stormy Soprano and here is what I found. Diet Dr. Stormy. and the rest of the fam…

drinking vats of vodka drinks and about to watch some great movies….

will cross fingers that we don’t lose power this weekend!


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  1. Kizz says:

    I think all the cats are hugely cute but that skinny black one just kills me. So cute.

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