More Thoughts

1) Having to sign in under “OLD BLOGGER” to do this stuff….I HATE IT!!
like I freaking NEED that shit? Really? REALLY? Quite frankly, I haven’t figured out the old version yet, much less feeling stupid and inadequate for not signing up for the new one yet, and now, I’m taunted at the sign in. How about you sign in under Bite Me….Or Sod Off.

2) James Brown died. The first “season” of me trying pot…( I was never very good at it, only tried to be cool in front of the cool folk…At the age of 27-28) My tour partner came over before we left for our Sunday drive to ….probably Cleveland and said, “ ask me why I’m James Brown.” My response....”uhhhh, why are you James Brownnnnn???” him-“Cuz Papa Got A Brand New Bag!” Adios friend. Your songs will carry you on. Heahhhhh!!!!!

3) I’m not so sure I want to eat cloned meat.

4) President Ford Died. While I think this should most certainly come before the cloned meat topic, it is where it is. I am a sucker for a Presidential Funeral. I guess Nixon’s was the first I was caught up in. Then Nancy clutching Ronnie’s coffin. Doesn’t matter to me what you are, red/blue/elephant/donkey/green/paisley. It’s significant and awe inspiring to see all the living Presidents lined up in that first row…and looking back on a life so fully covered in the press. Would that each of us had a press reel to roll at the end. With amazing music, surely scalped from West Wing episodes…..Rest In Peace President Ford. or….That’ll do Pig. That’ll do.

5.) Aulde Lang Syne always makes me cry.

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  1. Kizz says:


    2) Heh.

    3) Me either. Does that make me prejudiced? In a bad way?

    4) I want to write about this too but it’s hard to do. I was so young when he was president. My memories are fuzzy.

    5)Amen, Sister Christian.

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