What I did on Christmas Vacation or Why I love Valium, Part 2

SO I sent out an APB to local friends today, seeking help, solice and drugs. That was after the insomnia filled night, and the early a.m. blogging and emailing. I get to work today, and lemme tell ya, it was a doozie. (more later on that) But I do have exactly 6 minutes to sit between clients and I happen to look out and see one of the Purple Pool Gal Pals pull up in the MiniVan. . . hmmm. The hell? I haven’t done her hair since the summer, and haven’t seen her since we closed the Purple Pool….

She gets out, looking so put together with her makeup and ass long bright christmas red nails, and she’s carrying a shiney little gift bag with pink tissue paper perfectly scrunched out of the top….

Four Valium.

Thank you very much.

I get home and there are fortysevenmillionfivehundredsixtytwothousand emails from all the friends, networking to get this to me, offering words, horoscopes, solace, humor, food, drink, and themselves as a venting/sacrifice kind of thing.

Tears. just gushing down my face.
Now, I know I’ve said that I’m on the edge here, and that the tears are always at the ready, but this is what it feels like to be loved.

And I need to work on remembering that.

Because a whole lot of the time I just feel alone, and out here paddling up this shitty creek with no one to pour the margaritas. It’s not true, I get that, I always know in my heart of hearts that it’s not true, but seeing it there in my inbox, in my shiney pink and iridecent gift bag full of drugs…

I am blessed. A Christmas miracle.

To top it off, I have hit 3499.00 for these two weeks. that is not counting tips. Minus 95.00 for income that I only get on the first of the month, and that’s what I’m getting 60% of.

To get 65%, one has to bring in 3600.oo….but I am pretty effing proud of myself…this is the end of my first whole year at getting paid for this and I believe I dun good.

Now. Off to get a beer, possibly order a pizza and pop one of those loverly gifts I recieved before I head to the bed. Yes, it’s only 7pm on a friday night, but I’m so doing it.

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One Response to What I did on Christmas Vacation or Why I love Valium, Part 2

  1. Kizz says:

    My favorite part is not that she got you the V, not that she brought it to you specially but that she wrapped it! Beautiful!

    You are SO close to the $3600 mark, you’re so gonna get there soon. I’m heartily impressed.


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