The First Snow, Take Two

Remember the episode of Gilmore Girls where Lorelai is so excited about having the first snow at the Dragonfly Inn…and the day turns to crap? Her love affair with snow was officially over?

My day totally fell apart today. THEY have upped our chance from 3-6 to 6-8 inches, combined with sleet and all kinds of wicked nastiness. My afternoon and evening cancelled. I’m supposed to work until 8pm tonight. It’s now 5:32 by my computer clock. Home. Tomorrow is a FULL day and I’m betting it falls right to bits as well.

HOWEVER, I’m not going to be bitter. I’ve got food in the crockpot, two bottles of wine, a slew of movies I need to catch up on with my E.O.D. (entertainment on demand. The best thing since the dvr)

The snow is allegedly coming by 11 tonight. Or by 11 tomorrow. Lasting until 3 tomorrow. Or 8 tomorrow. Just depends what channel you watch.

Either way. I’m indifferent. Bring it on, I say. Let the magic begin. We’ll make money next week!

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