The Second Coming

I was about to give up. I’ve committed to working out at the crack of asshole tomorrow. BTW that’s 6:30 a.m. to those in E.S.T. and beyond. So, I go out front one last time and give my best


yeah. Like that EVER works.

Lock the front door, look at the kittens and Mama in the back and I see this ginormous paw come thwacking down in the air and VOILA!

que Stormy “the bird” Soprano.

The kids are pissed cuz they’re outside.

Stormy is enormously happy that he’s in and they’re out.

I won’t have to cancel the second surgery with this vet who’s never met us. (recommended highly by a dear friend. No worries.)

All this after I’ve given 9 bucks to a site called where, for a nominal fee, experts will answer your question RIGHT NOW!!! And yeah, she (the vet who answered) pretty much said, no go. He’ll vomit and die. Flop.

I’ve put away the food and water. I’m bringing in the litter box. To beddy bie I go.

Mother of the year? prolly not. Mother of the week? I’m definitely in the running.

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2 Responses to The Second Coming

  1. Kizz says:

    You can absolutely adopt a kid. You know when and how to ask for help. That’s HUGE. I would have been stubborn and refused to pay $9 to anyone to get my question answered right away and would have spent a ton more money just taking him into the vet and having them keep him overnight. Good luck getting him into any kind of cat carrier. My only advice is to make your attempt in a small room. As small a room as possible. I use the bathroom. It’s like a Tom & Jerry cartoon but it works. I’m now realizing that all this advice is too late beacuse his surgery is in less than half an hour.

  2. mkaep says:

    yeah, well. It worked. I got up and he was SOOOO loving and purring and wanting to be in my lap (which never happens) and of course I was loving it and feeling so guilty. I get him in the carrier and he freaks his shit out and crys and meows and slices my finger almost off and I just bawled when I left. Bawled like a stupid baby. But…it’s gotta be done. It’s starting to snow here so I’m putting down the big size ten foot and bringing EVERYONE inside for the next few days! We’ll see how that works out. I’ll be single by monday, but seriously, I could care less about that!

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