All Hail the Glitteratti

I read in a magazine one day a few weeks ago that some sort of all knowing movie star somehwere in her thirties claimed that

no one over thirty should wear glitter.

really. Now, I happen to be absolutly in love with my Urban Decay Metallica silver glittter eyeliner. Here’s a few reasons why….

shiney shiney.

It gives a little pick me up during the week.

shiney shiney.

Life is too short not to wear any.

did I mention, shiney shiney?

HOWEVER. . . there is a fine line between lining ones eye with a delicate yet bold line of glitter and walking out of your house looking like you’ve been mugged by a disco ball. . . this is where I have a problem. AND at the end of the day, the little pieces of glitter start falling into my eyes and I see a gozillion of me.

but this is a small price to pay for some sparkle in your life on a stupid boreing one appointment in eight hours thursday.

Here’s to all the glitter girls out there. and I think it was some stupid skinny 20 year old that made the magazine remark…wish I could remember her so I could boycott. she can bite my glittery shiney ass.

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