Crazy Days of Summer

So yesterday was the longest day of the year and I can’t remember which day it is at any given moment this week. Going from working 6 days 1 off to 5 days two off and my week starting on tuesday, instead of ending on tuesday has taken this little cowgirl for quite a ride. I had people showing up tues p.m. for their appts that were wed p.m. and again wed p.m. for their thurs p.m. appts. not the same people, but I think it must be some sort of new girl hazeing. whatever. At least I’ve got appointments, right? right. lemonade. buckets of it.

it’s raining here. one of those rains that makes the outside seems like a greenhouse…horrible on the hair but all the plants are loving it and everything is getting a nice drink. much better for the water bill too….it’s been soooo hot. this week we have chances of rain and upper 80’s…

have been doing ok with food. yesterday, banana/pbutter on toast, two things of oj because i woke up with a raging cramp in my calf the night before. need potassium. then for lunch, small salad and a wwatchers frozen meal. dinner was fried bar food. so that sucked. but every day is getting eaiser…working on fruits and veggies. feeling better. I want to start working out…wonder if I can borrow someone’s treadmill, and like I have room for that in my house. not. but i’d figure it out.

Watched a funny comic on hbo this week. Lewis Black. haven’t ever heard of him before, but almost wet my pants with the laughter.

I don’t have to work until noon today, so I’m going to spend the morning jazzing with my ipod. I love it. and am going to figure more of it out!!

here’s to summer. officially. all we need is a porch and a jug of mojitos….

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  1. Kizz says:

    Mmmm, Mojitos. The bar around the corner makes those but it’s seasonal and they looked at me funny when I walked in in Feb and demanded a mojito. Lazy fuckers. It’s like drinking sharp, sweet water. So delicious! How many calories in a mojito? It has to be close to none since it’s all clear and with all that mint in there that has to count toward daily consumption of leafy greens, right?

    Cleaning lady comes tomorrow at 1pm.

  2. mkaep says:

    halakaleem to the cleaning lady. that’s progress sister!! I think I’m going to borrow Nancy’s tmill for awhile….walking inside seem sstupid when it’s nice out, but if it’s parked front ass in front of the telly, I can do that, right? right. Mojiots…..must MUST be zero calorie. wonder if the simple syrup can be made with splenda….hmmmminteresting. and yes, the mint, must count as a green..fruit?veggie? JUSTIFICATION FOR EVERYONE!!! bwa ha ha ha ha

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