Baby Steps

Good Lord. I’m stuffed to the gills. sweaty and out of breath. But it feels so good….

Decent day today. It was my Monday. 9 hours. kind of long, only 3 clients. ran by the market on the way home, got home, made a batch of salsa, got dinner started, sat down with a vodka and sprite zero, watched my daily dose of Days, ate supper. Taco salads. to die for. delish. totally healthy, but for that last huge helping. flop. It’s my portion control that is so out of…control. ugh. but then we put on our walking shoes and went walking thru the neighborhood. It was so NORMAL….i may have to switch from Jilly to Sally. . . sat on the back patio watching the two fattest toads eat june bugs and had the best time…then a nice poop and the systems are going….all things bright and beautiful.

the food is going ok. today for bkfst had half a thing of activia yogurt. gagged that last bite and tossed it. then a bowl of shredded frosted wheat and 2% milk. lunch was a side salad and a grilled hburger patty…then a few pieces of really great sushi. couldn’t say no. then dinner. so a really full day of eating, but the food wasn’t so bad. and thewalk helped. am working on the water right now but am so full I may puke.

this new pact is hard. not hard for me to keep for you….but finding hard and harder to keep for me. . . ugh. why is that?

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  1. Kizz says:

    You have to think of everything as a success, I think. You walked! That’s good. You ate a lot, but it was good stuff. Sushi is GOOD for you, it’s good you didn’t say no. You had a really successful day, and you were on your feet for like 9 hours. So it’s a good day, very good day.

  2. Kizz says:

    Fucking day! I want some goddamned pudding!

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