just had to try to do a photo….apparently it worked.

this is my salute to Kizz and NYC….beautiful beautiful sushi

beautiful woman and city

look at me….figuring this out on my own!!

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  1. Kizz says:

    Dude! I needed a tutorial and a software upgrade before I learned how to do that. Way to go!

    So far I’ve had a serving of watermelon, a bowl of cereal (no milk) and half my daily allowance of water. Just found out that the bottles of water at work are about twice as big as I used to think. Amazing what you learn when you other to check out how to actually convert pints to ounces.

  2. mkaep says:

    aint’t that the truth baby?!?!?! love that you’re doing so well. i’m off today. yesterday, had minimal food but it was probably really bad. pizza. tried brunch and it didn’t work out. didn’t eat much. today, half a banana, some activia yogurt and an everything bagle with lfat veggie cream cheese. about to start drinkint the water. feels better. small steps, yeah?
    i still dont’ know how to navigate around on this blog site, but every once in awhile, I find something and just click!! haha

  3. Kizz says:

    I think that’s how all the cool kids learn stuff. When you click on the right button and figure out how to put links on the sidebar will you give me a tutorial?

    I am on my last 10 ozs or so of the water, though I will keep drinking through the day. I had crackers and hummous and a little sushi for lunch. I bought some cottage cheese but I’m too full to eat it. Which is probably a good thing. I went out to the courtyard and wrote while I ate. And I’m at around 6600 steps for the day so far. Oh and I did 10 mins of cleaning this morning. And the cleaning lady said she could come to my place on Fri. No price yet. I don’t know what will happen.

  4. Kizz says:

    OK, so I did pretty well last night, walked extra with the dog, cleaned another 10 mins, ate veggies and cheese and some soup for dinner. Had some more water. Walked over 12,000 steps.

    So far today I’m on my second bottle of water, had watermelon and yogurt and granola for breakfast and cleaned for 10 mins before I left the house. Have walked 3800 steps thus far and it’s only 10:20.

    Took a Claritin because I’m sick of feeling sick. Must drink LOTS of water to keep head from bleeding.

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