aaaaaaaaand flop

just exhausted tonight…it’s Saturday and I’mhome and flopped out on the couch with a glass of wine and stupid movies.

Completed my first two days at new salon. Was not so busy yesterday. Today, had time to pee twice, eat in seriously 4 minutes, and make about 23 bucks an hour for 8 hours. Not to B-A-D, no? no.

I have a crap in my shoulders, a huge knot between my shoulder blade where my arms are raised blow drying all day long. My body feels like it’s revolting…under seige…imploding. But it was all for the greater good.

I worked double process times today, not frazzled, and not late for anyone. Felt GOOD. felt really good.

Have eaten well the last two days…evening meals have been iffy….not bad, just ate waaaaay too much. moderation? the hell?

and now I’m off for TWO WHOLE CONSECUTIVE DAYS. glory glory glory.

Tomorrow, Dad’s day brunch at 11:30. then lazy afternoons. then hanging at the bar tomorrow night. Makes for a great Sunday.

Just kind of rattling things down in no particular order. want to keep the flow of writing…keep tabs on life this way.

Feels good the way things are moving…just bone weary.

Have a few blongs working in the back of my mind….relationship questions and observations from a friend and another one…can’t think of it…could be a whole list of should have beens that I am thankful turned into absolutly nots…but we’ll see how they play out.

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  1. Kizz says:

    I think that, while you’re thinking about finances, you should work toward affording a massage once or twice a month. With the amount of time you spend on your feet and with your hands working so hard the muscle stuff is inevitable and you need to be good to your body so it can do this long term.

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