Last Day

Tomorrow is the last day at my salon before I move…Anticipation, anxious, excited. All of the above. Wondering if I can make the transition easily. I am really trying to focus on gaining back control. After these last years of school and working 6 days a week paying my dues, things are finally here. What I’ve been working on is here.

The future begins now.

Gaining control.

Now it’s time to start taking care of things. My body for one. Totally out of control with that. As I binge daily, shoving food in with both hands I know it’s a sign of chaos elsewhere. Got to get some control. Working on controlling finances. That is nice. Working on the environment, cleaned my house today a bit. Didn’t really tough the bedrooms, as they are still wrecked. But the living areas are clean and neat. Stocked the kitchen with 223 dollars worth of fresh foods, fruits, meats, veggies, salads, yogurt, sprite zero…Which really doesn’t count as good food but I like to add a titch of vodka to it after work! I have to get my mind wrapped around this new life I’ll be leading, the new hours, which are almost normal! I have to figure out how to get my body moving and get some weight off.

I was emailing a friend today saying these words, and even as I was typing, my inner critics were shouting Nanny Nanny Boo Boo you won’t do it. fuckers.

Sunday is Dad’s day. I have to call and see what mine is doing and make a plan.

Fairly busy this week. Dinner tomorrow night with a friend…He and his husband are having some issues and he needs an ear and a shoulder. Friday night grilling with a group of women whom I periodically hang out with. Work Saturday, free at 5 Saturday eve…Maybe a brunch is in order for dad’s day.

must pay loan payment tomorrow and must remember to get car tag renewed next week.

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