Finally Friday

I was texting with my sis a few weeks ago, asking how things were in her world. Her reply: “Just living for the weekends and they go way too fast.”

I can relate.

We have been doing the exact same thing at this house. And even when the weekend gets here, we are jam packed. Mark has to work Depot shows, I am still working recruitment events through Sunday. It’s just . . . ugh.

I know we are all so ready for some time off. So beyond ready. This time next week I’ll be waking up at my sister’s house, sipping coffee, making plans to go stock up on Christmas stuff, like wrapping, gift bags and other things for cheap. We won’t be rushed. We are staying several days. I couldn’t be more excited if I tried.

We will celebrate with Mark’s family on Sunday here at our house. It will be a week full of family. That in itself will be wonderful, but to know we get another week for just ourselves after that one?

Oh man. I’m so ready. So beyond ready.

Happy Friday ya’ll

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So my first official day in the MarComm department was 12 hours long.

Which is fine, because yesterday I did exactly zero things productive. I ate hangover food and slept and watched Gilmore Girls and slept and ate more hangover food. Because apparently it was my duty to drink ALL of the wine at Trisha’s holiday fundraiser on Saturday night.

Doing zero things on Sunday makes one well rested or the First Monday of Hell Week.

Today was a good day.  I have the beginnings of a social media plan, I have future plans and tasks. I had meetings and more meetings. I had lunch with our LTYM 2015 local cause and got super pumped about LTYM:OKC all over again. I helped launch the week of Frozen Friendzey Recruitment events, and while I got home well over 12 hours after I left this morning, It was a good day.

This was the right move for me. I feel really solid in that.

Now I’m going to continue to glug this water and rehydrate my body from the weekend ridiculous and research printing options for the wedding invites.

Life is good.

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Sitting here propped up in my bed, watching the Food Network, sipping coffee I’m thinking about how fierce the past two weeks have been. Not just for me, but for most of the people I work with and connect with. Next week is even worse. I officially start my new job, start the new commute and begin our giant recruitment campaign that has me working Monday, Tuesday and Thursday, Saturday and Sunday next week.

Today however, I’m taking a few moments to myself. Sipping coffee, being still and quiet.

I got my wedding dress this week! I had some small anxiety for the delivery, but it arrived and it was as gorgeous as I remember. I haven’t tried it on yet. But will probably do that today. Maybe. Our schedule is batshit crazy. We had Mark’s mom’s birthday gathering on Thursday, his Christmas party with his work friends on Friday, a fundraiser party at Trisha’s tonight.

Yesterday was extra special. I got about 30 minutes of real life face time with Becky. I haven’t seen her face in way too long. She got to see the house, meet Winnie, see the dress. That was when we both burst into tears. Lord I miss her.

I got to spend some time with Bill yesterday too, talking shop, social media/work, talking about life.

Tis the season for gathering with friends and family! In spite of the hectic pace, it fills my soul. Makes me happy for the connections.

So this morning, before we begin the crazy here in a few hours…I sit. I sip. I enjoy.

Cheers to you!


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One Foot In…

First day of the new job today…well not really. First official day is next Monday. But the training and the easing over into the new department started today.

My brain is full. Full of information I need to absorb, full of websites and passwords and platforms to manage. Full of what if’s and different scenarios and absolutes. I’m behind in this job and not quite out of the Recruitment job and working on that major major project that we launched today….gah.

I left the house before 7am today to navigate the commute and traffic. That won’t be the norm but way more likely to happen than before. That blows. But there will come a day when I get to work from my office here, and that refuge makes me happy.

All is well.

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Lessons on the Full Moon

I generally pay attention to the moon cycle. I’ve always been drawn more to moon watching than star gazing. I know the world tends to get a little wonky around the full moon and so generally, I’m prepared.

Not the case this week.

Not the case at all.

Between the last week of re-entry after Thanksgiving, which wasn’t a restful weekend break for us at all, the current job became one full of incredible deadlines and a major recruitment project. I also got notification of the new job and working on the transition in real life and in my brain was crazy. One foot in, one foot out, but still in, kind of thing. Mark’s work came with it’s own issues as did his volunteer gig. GAH. We would just make ambient noises at each other in the hallway.

By Thursday we were worn out. Like, unzipped, turned inside out and zipped back up with everything raw on the outside. We just wanted a night at home and I just wanted to watch Peter Pan Live. That wasn’t to be.

By Friday we had both been in and out of meetings, dealing with phones blowing up and questions and trying to appease those around us while wondering how it was we got to this particular place…which was knee deep in WTF.

Here’s the best part of that whole god awful crazy emotionally draining week:

Friday came and we decided it was the perfect night to buy our Christmas tree. We picked the perfect tree and celebrated with some beers and laughed and talked and held hands and decided that everyone was batshit and we were going to continue to forge the path we were on.

It was glorious.

The weekend was a good one. We had some obligations, such as my work holiday party. But we did get the tree decorated and watched some football. We got the house picked up and I bought groceries and toilet paper and coffee.

I report to the new job tomorrow at 8am. Which means I leave here at 7am. I hate early morning call times like this. Hate it. I don’t officially transition until next Monday, but orientation begins this week. I’m excited. I’m excited to make the leap, fully aware that every experience and lesson learned up to date will be in use starting tomorrow. All roads lead to here, right?

Tonight, I’m alone with the animals. Mark is at the Depot for a show. I’m sitting in my living room sipping some mint tea with all the lights off except the tree. I’m waiting for Newsroom to come on and I’m working on enjoying the peace and calm.

Peace. Calm. Working on it.

It’s especially difficult this time of year to snag these moments. It doesn’t come naturally, between the hustle and the bustle.

Truth be told it’s not easy tonight. With nothing nagging me, the laundry is done, the house is fine. But my mind is jumpy and anxious.

So tonight, I’ll be here, working on the peace and the calm. . . and looking to the moon to be a little less crazy.

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New Beginnings

I got a new job this week.

I’m still with Girl Scouts, but I’m switching departments. Starting Monday, I’ll be kind of partially training, and then fully transferred on the 15th of this month.

I’m the new Communications Specialist in the Marketing/Communication department at GSWESTOK. I’ll be responsible for our social media campaigns, for developing content for each of our media platforms and many many more collaborative efforts that will help our council reach our strategic goals.

This is a good move for me. Something was going to have to happen for me to see myself staying long term and I think this is exactly it. I’ll keep you posted on what rolls out with the new adventure. I can’t wait to dive in!

I think I’ll be working out of the OKC office the majority of the time, but the possibility of keeping the Norman office is strong.  (I don’t mind the drive really…are you listening to the Serial podcast? I’m wholly addicted)We’ve got plans, and what few conversations I’ve had seem to lend themselves to my working a few days a week down here after I get the hang of everything. So that’s pretty awesome.

We are very excited about it in this house. I think it’s going to be more manageable for our lives.

That’s pretty much my news.

It’s rainy here tonight. I have zero groceries in the house so we’ll play spin the take out menu game and go from there.


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The Most Thankful

I don’t think it’s been a secret that work has pretty much eaten my life since I started this job. It’s been fierce. I’ve made the statement that it is the most intense, most pressure filled, most gut wrenching job I have ever had.

If you have ever seen my resume, you know thats saying something.

I have started to consider other alternatives. Different positions within the company. Different organizations altogether. Considering. All of it.

Today I worked with Molly and came up with some really good results, then we finished our tasks and went to lunch and went shampoo shopping and then went to happy hour.

It’s the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. There MUST BE HAPPY HOUR. Our men joined us and there was much laughter and some venting and more laughter and stories and high fives and laughter.

I cannot tell you how much good that entire thing did for my soul.



So tonight, my bird is brining. We travel to Mark’s family tomorrow. I will cook our meal and put it in the fridge before we leave. We like to have leftovers. It’s my favorite meal to cook. So I decided that going to someone else’s house for the day shouldn’t cancel out my joy in cooking my favorite meal.  We will get up tomorrow, we will snuggle our livestock. I will get the bird in the oven and the other bits put together. We will put some polish on the house and then head north. We will gather with family and eat delicious food and then gather with friends and then I’ll get to see my Mom and Bonus Dad tomorrow night.

Friday consists of shopping for my list and for my foster kids wish lists. And our leftovers. I’m very excited for that cold turkey sandwich, turkey noodle casserole, turkey noodle soup…whatever. Friday also has facetime with the PseudoFam! GAWD I’ve missed them. Saturday evening is facetime with some other friends. Somewhere in there Mark is going to do some chores for his mom and we are going to hang Christmas lights on the house.

Tis the season ya’ll and I am ever so grateful for all of it. For this cat sleeping on my feet, for my Trish who motivates me at the gym, and even for the stupid ass reading glasses I had to order to wear with my contacts. Because. 44 year old eyes.

but I am thankful for it all.

and thankful for you.

I hope that you are full of fun and joy and food and friends. Parade and dog shows and Home For The Holidays. All things that I love.

I am thankful.

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Ring Them Bells

The first weekend that we’ve had zero obligations proved to be a very sparkly one indeed.

Yesterday, as Mark and I lay in the bed watching tv, chicken soup simmering on the stove, rain pouring down outside and all of the animals napping on the bed…the landline phone rang.

Yes. We have a landline. That’s a whole nuther post.

The voice on the answering machine told us that my ring was ready for pickup!

I think I gasped all of the air out of the room. We both grinned and got excited. After a bit he got up and got in the shower and went to “run some errands”

I too jumped in the shower and did the quickest hair/makeup cleanup known to man. One couldn’t be Saturday Stinky in front of The Ring for the first time. It just isn’t done.

When he returned we were both just grinning.

“Do you want to go out to a romantic dinner or do you want it here?”

I want it HERE. We have homemade soup on the stove. It’s raining. We’ve been laying on the bed with the animals all day watching tv and laughing and talking and being wholly relaxed. THIS is the life I love. This is where we should do it.

Ok. Hang on he says, then comes back in with champagne for the both of us and tells me some of the sweetest words and opened the box.


There it sat in that little gorgeous box. Perfect. Timeless. Classic.

When I was little, and even not so little, in various stages of my life I dreamed of this. I dreamed of having a house like this, and a dog like that and a man like him and a ring like that. Mind you, I never thought I would get any of it. Ever. It was just a gorgeous, idyllic dream.

Our ring adventure has been a little bit of a rocky one, and yes we did get engaged October 17th. But when he slipped that ring on my finger at 6pm on November 22nd and said “Shit just got REALLY real”  I said a little prayer of thanks.

Not for this beautiful gorgeous gift I had just received, but for this life that I’m sharing and this family that I have.

I said thanks for the ring too. I mean come on. I’m not a hillbilly.


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Oh Happy Day


I feel more thankful for this weekend, and I’m not even into it yet. Sitting here in my gym clothes and sipping my coffee and watching the news, I am overcome with relief and joy and anticipation at a weekend with ZERO OBLIGATIONS. I haven’t had, WE haven’t had a free weekend in the last 8-9 weeks. Seriously.

There’s no work, no wedding, no Depot shows, no reunions or college board meetings or trips to anywhere but for the grocery store. I’m happy for it.

Much has been accomplished this week. For myself and my tribe. A lot of changes, both immediate and on the precipice and I feel like they’re all really good. The wedding is coming along nicely, with decisions and choices and purchases and contracts signed sealed and delivered.

This weekend is for whatever we want. The weather isn’t going to be horrible, rainy and overcast, but no snow. HELLO BUFFALO!!! Holy crikey for those guys, yes? We’re going to do some more house cleaning, look into Christmas decorations and moving stuff into and out of the attic. There will be chicken soup per Mark’s request and there will be rest. Blessed, holy rest.

Happy Friday to you!

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Slow day Snow day

It snowed on my birthday when I turned 10 years old in 1980. That really is the last time I can remember snow, substantial snow, in November.

We got 3-4 inches this weekend, and it was glorious. Absolutely glorious. It slows everything down, and God knows, I need some slow down in my life. I feel like…dare I say…I feel like we are finally in the slow down part.

Which is crazy because Thanksgiving is next week and how can we be in a slow down right before the official Holiday Season starts?

I know. It seems ridiculous. But there aren’t any obligations at the Depot for a few weeks. I don’t have any other weekend obligations for the wedding or for work or any outside commitments on the calendar. It’s been crazy go-go-go for the last 8 weeks. Something every weekend.

The wedding is taking shape, coming along nicely.

This past Friday when I got off work I packed a bag and drove up the turnpike to meet Mom and Taryn in Tulsa. We had a room for the night, and had dinner and talked and laughed woke up the next morning and went wedding dress shopping. It was awesome. I miss having them close. I miss just getting to run across town and share a meal or see the boys or just spend some time talking and laughing. So getting some time to just have for ourselves was priceless.

YES we found The Dress.

NO I am not going to post a picture or describe it to anyone on social media. Not until February 28th. Because while I don’t buy into the bad luck superstitions, or some of the behaviors associated with weddings, I do have a love of tradition. SO. No. Don’t ask. It’s gorgeous and I love it and it will be seen soon enough. That’s fair, right? I think so too.

It should arrive the first of January. So cross fingers that happens.

Mark and I get to go to a tasting at the catering company on Thursday night and hopefully that will help guide us on the food/beverage piece of the reception. That part is stressing me out. But I was reminded by my dearest of soul sisters that maybe it’s really more important to be surrounded by those that you love and get the “cheaper chicken”–get the lower cost food and beverage than to provide some fancy food and drink and not invite who you want. So hopefully Thursday will provide some insight on that.

We had some ring issues last week. The custom design track didn’t work out. Horrible customer service, I cried, it was ugly. The fact that I was in my warm house, in a healthy body, crying over something that was such a first world problem only compounded my tears because…ugh. But it’s ok. It has all been worked out. More to come on that soon. It seems as if the details are getting lined up, and falling into place. Brad is working on some stuff for us and as the calendar draws closer to December I check more things off of my list.

Getting a snow day yesterday was nice. I worked from home. Finalized a lot of different pieces and researched more for the job, but I did it from home. When our school system is closed our building closes as well. And while I can go up there and work, it gets chilly. I ran up and worked for about an hour and gathered things to bring home and then worked here the rest of the day. I worked on work stuff and worked on cleaning the house. It’s not perfect yet, but I made good headway into being able to walk through each room and not step over a pile of stuff.

The day also gave us just one more day to sleep later, to slow down and do things on our own timeline. That was some much needed grace.

This morning I don’t have dread. No one here is grumbling about going to work. I have some things to do, I’m hitting the gym for some cardio, tonight is birthday sushi with friends. (yeah yeah, it’s still November, right?)

So, Happy Tuesday on this super cold morning. Coffee cheers to you!

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